Prayer Helps {Free Downloads for Canvas Prints}

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I wrote the following post on 12/6/11 (Tues.). Warning: The following may be graphic and lengthy for some readers! I’m sitting here after just putting my two kids to bed. This was a crazy evening. I dislocated my left knee and it was bad. It had happened many times before with both knees at different times since my junior high school days, but I think this was the worst one due to the pain. I was giving my kids a bath and as I turned away from them, my left foot slipped against the floor causing my knee cap to pop out to the side. I instantly crouched down, causing my legs to bend and...

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bunting Banner {Free Template}

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As I mentioned in my previous post, my son Ethan, celebrated his 4th birthday last week at Disneyland and had a very last-minute party at our house with a group of family members and a few friends. We had a great time at Disneyland mostly because Ethan was able to finally go on a good number of rides, despite the extremely hot weather that day. We even stayed for the fireworks display show that evening, which was worth it. It felt like we were in a Disney commercial where you see parents holding their happy kids on their shoulders, watching the various colorful lights exploding in the...

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Disneyland! Here we come…again!

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My son’s 4th birthday is coming up this Saturday, so we are going to Disneyland this week and are throwing a small last-minute birthday party for him. Disneyland is the place where we have been wanting to go to since my first son, Ethan, was born without having to deal with the crazy crowd and the immense CA heat. We went in July 2009 during the 4th of July weekend when my son was 2 years old. Horrible idea! It was HOT and CROWDED, which were clear reasons why no one should go, especially during the holiday weekend. Oh yeah, I was also about 6-months pregnant. There were moms waiting...

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Fave Finds – Fun File Folders!

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I went to Paper Source the other day and found these “Useless File Folders”. I knew right away that these were going to be extra items I wanted, but didn’t need at home. I was hoping that these would somehow help motivate me to start organizing my bills and receipts. Maybe these can go into the, “PAPERS TO SHUFFLE ENDLESSLY THEREBY ACCOMPLISHING NOTHING”...

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Cookies in a Jar – LOVE this!

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I have heard of Bakerella many times before, but for some reason I never really took the time to check out this website. I’m pretty sure many of you heard of Bakerella, but I am loving this awesome recipe idea of putting cookie ingredients in a jar and giving them out as favors! This idea is not new to me, but now that I found this delicious recipe and some pretty photos to go along with it, I have to make these ASAP! I just need a good excuse to do this. Oh yeah, my son’s 4th birthday is coming up next month, but we are planning to go to Disneyland instead. Maybe I can throw a...

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FLIPAWOO Slowly Gets Noticed…Baby Steps! Baby Steps!

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I would like to give a huge thanks to Karen of Downtown Diaries for including some of my printable Valentine’s Day designs in her recent post. Go check her out. This is where she shares her adventurous lifestyle living in the city as well as her sense of great fashion style and eating. Boy, can this girl EAT and how does she manage to stay so SKINNY??!! Karen’s posts allow me to live vicariously through her since I have such a different life now as a stay-at-home mom. Plus, her blog reminds me of when I use to live in Downtown, Los Angeles and how the lights from the city...

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