Composition Notebook and Vintage Invitations

Composition Notebook and Vintage Inspired Invitation for Birthday Parties or a Shower by FLIPAWOO – Printable File For Double-Sided Printing

Posted by on Jan 30, 2011 in Composition Notebook and Vintage Invitations, New Items | 0 comments

Remember these Composition notebooks growing up? I’m not sure if students are still using these, but I remember having to write book reports in these back in elementary school. Anyway, I had this idea awhile back to design invitations based off of these books. I was not able to start on the idea until I came across these books again at the 99 Cents Only store. I was surprised to see them there since I didn’t think anyone was using them anymore! Well, I thought it was a sign to finally get going on these designs. I went with my own designs and steered away from mimicking the...

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