Ballerina Invitation

Happy Friday!

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Friday is here again! What a great week this has been for me. Since I started FLIPAWOO in November 2010, I have been having nothing, but a positive experience. Not only do I get to do something I love to do, but I get to meet interesting people in the online world almost everyday! I’m kicking myself for not starting FLIPAWOO years ago. Then again, I was working full-time and busy taking care of my first child at that time. Not to say I’m less busy now staying at home with my two kids! Seriously, how do other moms run a business, take care of the house and family? They must have...

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Ballerina, Cherry Blossom, and Paris Invitation

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Modern and dainty, this birthday or shower invitation is perfect for a ballerina-themed party. Adding a tiny gem sticker to her crown would add that extra sparkle when greeting your guests. Other ballerina designs can be found here.     There’s something about cherry blossom designs that make everything extra pretty. This would be perfect for a bridal or baby shower. Be sure to check out the other color options here. By the way, the photo of the two cherry blossom invitations is my weak attempt of trying to take a good photo. The lighting is off, but I tried. Anyone want...

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New Invitations Have Been Added to My Shop

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I have posted some new invitations in my shop. New designs will be added on a weekly basis. If you do not see anything that you are looking for, you can contact me for custom work at I look forward to hearing from...

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