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Sarah came to me to design some printable designs for her son, Colton, last September. She wanted a nautical-theme 1st birthday party so I gladly designed some printable files for her to put together.

I was told after the party was over, that Sarah had to deal with some obstacles the day of (weather was windy and she ran out of time setting up due to miscommunication with the venue). After she sent me the photos, I couldn’t even tell that those unfortunate events even occurred because the party looked great! Fortunately, Sarah went on to explain that the guests still had a good time and Colton seemed to have fun. The parents were stressed that day, but it looked like it was worth it and thankfully and most importantly the guest of honor still had a fun time!

Adorable Colton

You can purchase the printable Nautical set here. Sailboat, anchor and steering wheel graphics are used throughout the set.

The invitation can be purchased separately as well (photo option available).

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